Model 30-95 E-Z Flo Hopper Stove


Hitzer 30-95 EZ-Flo Hopper Stove is an outstandingly efficient and convenient heating source.  With a thirty pound hopper this stove has extended long burns and produces over 60,000 btu’s of evenly warm temperatures.  The advance technology of a removable hopper is an added convenience of this top choice stove.  Like all Hitzer stoves, the 30-95 is thermostatically controlled, and provides heating capabilities with out electricity.  With heating capabilities of up to 2000 square feet the EZ-Flo meets your heating needs, as well as provides beauty and charm to one’s home.  The full view firebox window allows easy viewing that creates cozy warm relaxation.  With the color of stove to match your home, the Hitzer 30-95, will decorate your home, produce cost efficient heat, and create a warm and soothing environment.